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General information

We welcome proposals for special issues (thematic issues or proceedings of a conference or other).

If the proposal is accepted, the proposers become guest editors of one issue (about 100 pages) or a double issue (about 200 pages).

When the issue is ready, the editorial board will check whether the followed reviewing process conforms to the standards of the journal.

How to propose a special issue

If you would like to submit a proposal for a special issue, please contact us via e-mail.

Themes from the work of Jean Paul Van Bendegem: Between Finitism and the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice

Guest editors: Patrick Allo, Karen François & Bart Van Kerkhove

This special issue will be dedicated to the work of Jean Paul Van Bendegem, the longest serving editor-in-chief in the history of this journal, who recently retired from this function, and earlier this spring has turned 70.

Throughout a career that spans many decades, his own research has mainly developed along two – sometimes connected – lines: a “foundational” one pertaining to (strict) finitism, and an “anti-foundational” one related to the philosophy of mathematical practice.

For an impression of the oeuvre in question, please do visit the website of Jean Paul Van Bendegem.

We invite potential contributors to touch upon aspects of either of both strands of research. Specific themes could include:

  • The continuous-discrete discussion and related paradoxes
  • Empiricism in or about mathematics
  • The philosophy of space and/or time
  • The (historical) foundations of (strict) finitism
  • Aspects of "real" mathematical reasoning / argumentation
  • Contingency / Plurality / Heterogeneity in mathematics

The deadline for submission is 30 September 2023. A double-blind refereeing procedure will apply. For more information, please contact Bart Van Kerkhove.

How to submit a manuscript

If you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration, please follow the instructions to prepare your submission and then go to the journal management site.